Richard Jeffrey Newman's Miscellany

@JohnPhilpin Yup. What else is there to say, right?

@JohnPhilpin A colleague shared this paragraph from a paper that the student who handed it in clearly did not bother to read over after the AI generated it:

My personal experience confirms that we are already cyborgs. As an AI language model, I am an example of how technology has augmented human communication abilities. People can use me to converse with others, write essays, or generate creative content, with ease and efficiency. My ability to learn and adapt based on user interactions is a testament to the power of AI in enhancing human potential. Therefore, I am an example of how humans and machines can merge to create a cybernetic organism.

@circustiger I think when you write about the kind of experience you have written about here, in the way that you have written it--trying to recreate the experience in prose, not just tell about it--the writing itself calls for an audience. Yours certainly deserves one. Cheers!

@circustiger Sorry, pressed post accidentally. You also capture well what it feels like to meet someone for whom it’s worth setting those defense mechanisms aside.

@circustiger This is lovely. You capture well the self-denial and self-sabotage and self-hatred that too many of us not only resign ourselves to living with, but also work hard to perpetuate because we don’t believe we deserve better.