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Bookshelf Juxtapositions #97

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #96

Two new poems up on Unlikely Stories: one about something that happened 30 years ago when I was teaching English in South Korea; the other the first poem I’ve written that explicitly takes on whiteness. @USdotorg

This is a lovely and powerful poem by @RosebudBenOni on Poem-A-Day: “So They Say— They Finally Nailed— the Proton’s Size— & Hope— Dies—”

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #95

First newsletter since the pandemic shutdown. I’m hoping to be more consistent in getting this out once a month.

So this odd: A night with no email. My inboxes—note the plural—have been empty for hours.

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #94

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #93

Cat Yoga

I am very happy to have a new poem, #24 from the sequence “This Sentence Is a Metaphor for Bridge” up on Open: A Journal of Arts & Letters, which is a fine literary magazine, both in its design and in its content.


This is very strange and a little disturbing: Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf

#TheSealeyChallenge Day 31 (last day): Rewilding by January Gill O’Neil @januaryoneil.

This is from The Rookie

But this is Little League.
This is where he learns
how to field a position,

how to play a bloop in the gap—
that impossible space where
he’ll always play defense

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #92

#TheSealeyChallenge Day 30: History of Bodies, by Mariko Nagai

This is from “Ovid’s Lovers:”

See how many bodies I have used, how many more bodies I must
go through before I find you.


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #91

This is a lovely poetry video:…

#TheSealeyChallenge Day 29: The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde - I read The First Cities

This is from Pirouette:

Your hands on my doorway like rainbows
Following rain
Why are you weeping?

I am come home.


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #90

#TheSealeyChallenge Day 28: The Collected Poems of Ai.

From Twenty Year Marriage:

Pretend you don’t owe me a thing
and maybe we’ll roll out of here,
leaving the past stacked up behind us;
old newspapers nobody’s ever going to read again.

Reread Cruelty after 30+ years.

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #89

#TheSealeyChallenge Day 28: Look, by Solmaz Sharif

No excerpt today. I’m posting this away from the book. I’ll post the excerpt tomorrow when I have the book in my hands again.


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #88

#TheSealeyChallenge Day 26: Heavy Daughter Blues, by Wanda Coleman

from Stampede

my mind belly and elephant
these gnats no matter how many i eat
are not filling
must be a finer feast elsewhere, but where?


#TheSealeyChallenge Day 25: Kissing God Goobye, June Jordan

From The Bombing of Baghdad


And all who believed some must die
they were already dead
And all who believe only they possess
human being and therefore human rights
they no longer stood among the possible humane