Two Trees, by Don Paterson @donpatersonpoet. I love the kind of truth-telling where this poem ends up

Leila after taking her thyroid medicine.

A new blog post: The Music I’d Like to Put Back in My Life:

“My grandmother made sure I understood I could ever be good enough. “You started too late,” she told me. “To be a concert pianist, you need to begin formal lessons while you’re still a young child.”

“In Minnesota, the number of teachers applying for retirement benefits increased by 35… In Pennsylvania, the increase…among school employees, including administrators and bus drivers, was even higher — 60 percent over the same time period.”

Sterling A. Brown from The Oxford Anthology of African-American Poetrt. Absolutely beautiful!

My cat thinks it’s time for me to take a break.

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #97

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #96

Two new poems up on Unlikely Stories: one about something that happened 30 years ago when I was teaching English in South Korea; the other the first poem I’ve written that explicitly takes on whiteness. @USdotorg

This is a lovely and powerful poem by @RosebudBenOni on Poem-A-Day: “So They Say— They Finally Nailed— the Proton’s Size— & Hope— Dies—”

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #95

First newsletter since the pandemic shutdown. I’m hoping to be more consistent in getting this out once a month.

So this odd: A night with no email. My inboxes—note the plural—have been empty for hours.

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #94

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #93

Cat Yoga

I am very happy to have a new poem, #24 from the sequence “This Sentence Is a Metaphor for Bridge” up on Open: A Journal of Arts & Letters, which is a fine literary magazine, both in its design and in its content.


This is very strange and a little disturbing: Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf

#TheSealeyChallenge Day 31 (last day): Rewilding by January Gill O’Neil @januaryoneil.

This is from The Rookie

But this is Little League.
This is where he learns
how to field a position,

how to play a bloop in the gap—
that impossible space where
he’ll always play defense

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #92

#TheSealeyChallenge Day 30: History of Bodies, by Mariko Nagai

This is from “Ovid’s Lovers:”

See how many bodies I have used, how many more bodies I must
go through before I find you.


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #91

This is a lovely poetry video:…

#TheSealeyChallenge Day 29: The Collected Poems of Audre Lorde - I read The First Cities

This is from Pirouette:

Your hands on my doorway like rainbows
Following rain
Why are you weeping?

I am come home.


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #90