Richard Jeffrey Newman

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #76

Day 10 #TheSealeyChallenge: Cattle of the Lord, by Rosa Alice Branco, tr. by Alexis Levitin.

From Savings Bank: “I follow the numbers that lead to you./The rosary of bones tells this love/that does not fit within my hands.”


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Day 9 #TheSealeyChallenge: She Says by Venus Khoury-Ghata 📚

“He shakes her so she’ll drop the words she stole
makes her break her engagement to the maple tree
attaches her to the same leash as a goat and four-leave clover
then sets her free in compensation”


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #75

Day 8 #sealeychallenge: Factory Of Tears, by Valzhyna Mort.

This is from “Berlin-Minsk:”

It’s not a lump in the throat
that’s made you mute.
This is how brutally,
this is how tight
heart climbs out of the mouth
and strains eyesight.


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #74

Day 7 #sealeychallenge: Other Side River, eds. Leza Lowitz & Miyuki Aoyama.

From “Puddle,” Ryōko Shindō

I can’t help feeling that
the people I love are just piling up
in the ridges of the earth
holding up the sky
in no particular rush
to die…


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #73

#sealeychallenge Day 6: A Long Rainy Season: Contemporary Japanese Women’s Poetry, Volume 1” edited & traslated by Leza Lowitz, et al.

This is a tanka by Fumi Saitō:

“On my frozen nerve
there is a place
where a red canary
to perch.”


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #72

#sealeychallenge Day 5: Trace/Traza, by Iliana Rodríguez:

from “On The Mound of Earth:”

A woman like me
should be the glorious Penelope, but I never wanted to wait for a hero.
Rather, I wanted to be the heroine:
And I’m still waiting for me
as I weave and unknit
these bitter lines.


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #71

#sealeychallenge Day 4: Look There, by Agi Mishol.

This is from from “Moment:”

“I could have trembled with you under the covers
but I can also make you tremble inside my head
inside the thick stuff of alchemy
from which poems are made.”


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #70

#sealeychallenge Day 3: On Foot I Wandered Through the Solar Systems, by Edith Södergan:

from “Decision:”

“Every poem shall be the tearing up of a poem,
not a poem, but claw marks.”


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #69

#sealeychallenge Day 2: Empty Chairs, by Liu Xia, translated by Ming Di and Jennifer Stern:

“I want to give up my name as a poet.
It makes others expect things from me
and makes me face the blank page
with despair, and even madness.”


Bookshelf Juxtapositions #68

The sky tonight over Jackson Heights.

From Invitation to a Secret Feast, by Joumana Haddad, edited by Khaled Mattawa. This poem translated by Marilyn Hacker.

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #67

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #66

This is heartening: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Where Is the Outrage Over Anti-Semitism in Sports and Hollywood? - Hollywood Reporter

From The Collected Poems of Shmuel HaNagid, translated by Peter Cole:

Could kings right a people gone bad,
while they themselves are twisted?
How, in the woods, could shadows that bend
be straight when the trees are crooked?

Bookshelf Juxtapositions #65